Access Singapore

Its all about providing Access

Opening doors to opportunities to our students and challenging their limits. As a youth-driven organisation, we are passionate in providing solution to current problems

Our vision

Access aims to ensure that disadvantaged students are not denied quality career exposure opportunities solely because of their school’s lack of strong alumni connections or funding as an independent school.

Our mission

Access aims to bridge social mobility gaps by guiding character growth through soft skill workshops and connecting disadvantaged students with industry mentors who will provide guidance and work attachment opportunities.

The Access Approach

Here at Access, we believe that guidance and workplace exposure in the student’s formative years is vital for students to expand horizons, change mindsets, and make more informed choices about their future.
There are two key hurdles that Access aims to tackle: counterproductive labelling and unequal access to social networks – more specifically, to career opportunities, resources and advice from career role models. Both these behavioral and structural limitations were identified by Access surveys and findings from multiple pilot programs.
Access seeks to impact students early in their career development with three targeted outcomes:

Developing students’ self-confidence and drive to succeed

Providing a gateway to mentorship and other career related opportunities through Access’ network

Equipping students with imparted knowledge to seize and create opportunities for themselves

Guiding Principles

Access’ programmes are based on four key principles:
With students’ best interests placed at the core of what Access does, Access programmes are tailored to help every student. A compact feedback loop involving individual students, mentors, and the Access team ensures that programmes conducted are structured upon Access’ main goals, but its mode of delivery remains flexible, and ever-evolving. By engaging in the iterative process of gauging students’ interest and motivational level in group and individual settings, no two Access programmes are similar in nature.
An unique proposition of Access’ programmes is its large focus on experiential learning through the exposure to different workplace settings along with interactions with professionals of diverse backgrounds. Access believes that these experiences provide a greater depth of insight than what is being taught in a classroom setting.
Establishing strong relationships with wide – ranging organisations across multiple fields is central to providing students a well-rounded and immersive experience into the world of work. At the same time, Access hopes to provide a platform for organisations to be involved in the community and play a part in moulding the next generation of Singaporeans.
Alongside MOE’s well-curated Education and Career Guidance (ECG) syllabus, Access programmes are set out to provide additional and complementary guidance to students on top of current efforts of ECG counsellors. Access programmes are centred around the core ideas of the ECG syllabus to ensure alignment. As Access strives to ensure that its programmes complement the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Education and Career Guidance (ECG) programmes in schools, our approach to designing this curriculum is guided by the three big ideas of Identity, Choices and Relationships. This is in alignment with the ECG and MOE’s Civil and Character Education (CCE) syllabus.


Having a good understanding of one’s self-identity is fundamental to the educational and career planning process, since career interest is an expression of one’s personality. Access hopes to provide learning experiences for students to discover more about their personality traits, interests, values, strengths, and areas for growth.


Students will be met with many important choices regarding their educational and career options and each of these decisions shape the paths that students take in life. These choices are shaped by both individual and environmental circumstances. Access hopes to equip students with the ability to make informed choices and motivation to dream beyond their self-limiting mindset.


Building meaningful relationships is a central part of one’s life as it provides relational support and influences one’s decisions. Access seeks to leverage on networks to provide opportunities for students to engage others about their aspirations and gain mentors who will guide and support them in their journeys.