Our mission is to provide quality opportunities to students who do not have opportunities to be exposed to the working life. We work with corporations and schools to bring this experience to neighbourhood schools. Volunteers are also an essential part of our system…..

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How Does it Work?

Access seeks to equip secondary school students with vital knowledge and experience in various industries through learning journeys and externship programmes. The purpose of these learning journeys is for students to gain insights into the inner workings of different industries through office tours and workshops. 

Externship programmes, on the other hand, are temporary training programmes to equip students with practical experiences in their areas of interest. If you would like to host students for workshops, office tours or externship programmes do contact us today!

How Does it Work?

Access provides holiday programmes for underserved students in neighbourhood secondary schools. During these programmes, students will go on a learning journey where they attend company & in-house experiential workshops followed by externships and concluding it with a mentorship programmes. Students will experience  guidance on both personal growth and career interests and gain practical experience. More on our programmes here.

Access strives to equip underserved students with the opportunity of exposing themselves to relevant soft skills and soft skills as mentioned here. As schools partnering with Access, your role will be to be the middle-man and select students who you feel will benefit greatly from our programmes. Contact us today for more information!

Access Schools

Are you passionate about moulding and guiding underserved students? Volunteer today as either a Mentor or a Facilitator!

Mentorships (Volunteers)

Role as a Mentor

  • To counsel students on the various career paths available so that they make informed choices as well as encourage the development of soft skills. 


  • Single mentorship training session/briefing
  • 5 days across 4 months 

What Access looks out for:

  • Individuals who are below 30 years of age with prior work or internship experiences. This is where your expertise comes into play!

A great mentor can play an important role in a student’s career development. Be that person today! 

Facilitators (Allowance)

Role as a Facilitator

  • To guide students through the activities and challenges faced as well as address these challenges during group discussions.  


  • Single facilitation training session/briefing.  
  • 4 days over a week during December and January

What Access looks out for:

  • Passion to help our students achieve self-growth! Nothing less, nothing more!

All our students have the potential to achieve self-actualisation; all they need is a little bit of a boost! As a facilitator, you are the enabler that helps give our students the little push they need!

Contact us to be a volunteer today!

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