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Our Programmes Team

Our programmes team is made up of youths and young adults who have chosen to volunteer their time outside of school and work commitments.

Our programmes are fully conceptualised in-house, and are designed to ensure disadvantaged students reach their fullest potential is by impacting them earliest in their career development. Our team also leads the running of the programmes at the various schools and higher learning institutes in Singapore together with our network of facilitators.

Our Programmes

Whether you are looking to give students a quick introduction to career exploration, or have them develop a deeper understanding of career planning and engage with mentors to develop their soft skills, our programmes were designed with varying needs and time investments in mind.


Sharing and self-discovery

Single Session – 3 hours
Themes Covered: Self-Discovery, Career Exploration

The Pathways programme is designed to expose students to a range of careers. Guest speakers are invited to share their experiences in their respective industries, and students will learn the importance of planning ahead to make viable career choices.


Kickstart career exploration through exposure to industry professionals
Initiate thought process about their future career aspirations

Programme Highlights

Discussion: Job vs Career
Sharing: Insights and Q&A with industry professional(s)
Develop: Short-term career goals


Project-based challenge

5 sessions (~1 month) – 2-3 hours per session
Themes Covered: Problem Solving, Career Exploration, Career Skills Development

The ACE! programme was designed to be a case competition where students are presented with problem statements based on an assigned industry. Groups are supported by mentors and a facilitator to analyse, ideate and present their solutions to real-world issues or problems faced in the working world over the course of several sessions.


Expose students to what a job entails through real world problem statements
Develop students’ problem solving and pitching skills

Programme Highlights

Analyse: Understanding problem statements and real-world issues
Ideate: Solutions for issue at hand
Present: Pitch to industry professionals


Character and career guidance

From 3 months to 1 year – 2-3 hours per session
Themes Covered: Industry Mentorship, Self-Discovery, Career Exploration

Our mentorships programme will allow students to embark on a long-term, enriching journey to build both personal and professional confidence for their future. Based on career interest or work experience, students will be matched with relevant industry mentors. Over the course of the programme, students will receive guidance in making academic and career choices, as well as support for their socio-emotional growth.


Forge long-lasting relationships between industry professionals and students
Guide students in uncovering and working towards their career aspirations
Provide hands-on experience

Programme Highlights

Develop: Long-term plan towards career aspirations
Network: Industry professionals and mentors
Shadow: Hands-on experience with corporate partners
Empower: Stress management techniques

Special Programmes

We also actively work with other organisations and partners to provide a more holistic experience in addition to our core programmes.

Financial Literacy

Our core Pathways programme – but with a focus on building financial literacy amongst students.

Single session – 3 hours
Themes covered: Financial Literacy, Career Exploration


Our core Pathways programme with a deeper dive into self-discovery.

Single session – 3 hours
Themes covered: Self-Discovery, Career Exploration


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