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Access is a social mobility non-profit that provides career exposure opportunities for disadvantaged students. Access provides an early touchpoint to gain career exposure and guidance through experiential learning.

Our work is made possible through direct partnerships with schools, insights from industry mentors and the commitment of our volunteers, staff & network of facilitators.

Youths who are disadvantaged academically, financially or socially often face various barriers in achieving their full potential. Guidance and career exposure in formative years is thus vital to enable this segment to shift their mindsets about their future and build them up to an equal playing field of opportunities.


Since 2019, Access has grown from an initial 89 students to impacting over 600 lives through its range of experiential programmes.

These programmes are designed to help disadvantaged youths develop a variety of soft skills that will support them in identifying and achieving their personal and professional aspirations.

Through the use of standardised measurement tools like the Career Maturity Inventory and localised frameworks like ACT!SG, we see improvements in youths’ career choice readiness and understanding, development of core skills essential for positive youth development, and also increased curiosity and self-confidence.








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Deputy Head of Operations,
Access Singapore

Mentorship has played an integral role in my university journey. Whether it be peers, seniors, lecturers or internship supervisors, I gained valuable tips and meaningful advice which was useful in navigating university life. This positive experience spurred me to get involved in the mentorship team within Access! Especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, academic guidance, career advice and exposure to diverse career paths helps to broaden their perspective in what they can pursue in then future! Despite having to adapt to mixed modes of mentorship between online and physical sessions, it has been a pleasure go work with mentees and volunteers, especially when the programmes are well received ❤️

Bryan Lee

Chief Facilitator,
Access Singapore

I have always resonated with the mission of Access, in helping students realise their potential and to make more informed education and decisions based on their interest, abilities and passion. Access’s programmes have allowed me to interact with and learn from students from an education background similar to mine. I have seen changes in their attitudes towards their school and most importantly, their curiosity to learn more. I am proud to be part of the team of facilitators that have helped inspire students discover their best selves.

Ryan Lee

Access Singapore

"Increasing social mobility" seems like a nebulous goal, hard to define or achieve. Access provided me with the opportunity to have a very real, hands-on approach to increasing social mobility as a facilitator that was thoroughly enriching. From having simple chats with the students, helping them make the best of their mentors' decades of experience in their field, and watching them develop crucial soft skills, I could see the impact of my effort as a facilitator. The opportunity to help improve social mobility is not one that comes frequently, so I'm truly grateful!

Praveen Krishna

Head of Programmes,
Access Singapore

To pick an educational course or career path, which can affect you for the next few years, is not easy. Personally, I am grateful to have had guidance from teachers to navigate this choice. Here at Access, we act as those teachers, helping students gain self-awareness, which they can then leverage to define success and decide their future. It has been very heartwarming to see the growth in the students I've worked with, and this pushes me to continue volunteering with Access.

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