Beyond our core programmes, we are also striving to do more advocacy work in the social mobility space, to challenge society's prevailing perceptions about what success and achievements mean. We hope to show that people can thrive in their careers no matter their financial, social or academic circumstances, and have been building an exciting pipeline of initiatives to meet this objective.

Advocacy Events & Campaigns

Access Conversations with Tharman 2023

Access Conversations brought together a diverse group of youths, including influencers and community activists, to hear perspectives on various social issues from Mr and Mrs Tharman in-person.

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Social Mobility Survey Report 2023

Continuing from the previous survey in 2022, Access sought to understand the general perceptions surrounding the local education system and the impact of intervention through education, with measures such as fostering skills, to prepare individuals for the workforce. It also sought to gain a better understanding of sentiments towards success aspects that are deemed critical by individuals, and reasons that could contribute towards career success.

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We Write Our Rules 2022

#WeWriteOurRules (#WWOR) was started to share unconventional life journeys and definitions of success, as we found that many individuals perceive success as being too difficult to achieve in Singapore. The campaign sought out 25 individuals who were not subscribing to stereotypical definitions of success. Instead, they are today writing their own rules with their unorthodox education and career journeys.

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Social Mobility Perception Survey Report 2022

Access ran a Social Mobility Perception Survey from June 11 to July 11 2021, to examine perceptions of social mobility among members of the public based on their lived experiences. This poll was launched on OPPi, an AI-powered crowdsourcing platform with proprietary analytic and statistical capabilities and involved a series of demographic questions and statements to which participants could respond, including topics on scholarships, schools and employers.

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