About Us

Our Story

Access was founded in February 2019 to provide career exposure opportunities for disadvantaged students. We target educational disadvantages in heartland schools, particularly students who are disadvantaged academically, socially or financially.

Disadvantaged students face various barriers to achieving their fullest potential, such as self-limiting mindsets and unequal access to social networks. As such, Access programmes are designed to expose, equip and empower our students to various career paths while connecting and building relationships between professionals and students. We seek to help disadvantaged students tackle various barriers by impacting them early on in their formative years. This is done through developing student’s self-confidence and drive to succeed, providing access to mentorship and opportunities through our network, and equipping students to seize and create opportunities for themselves.

Our Mission

Opening doors to opportunities for all, regardless of background or education.

Our Team

Clarence Ching
Executive Director

Hana Ikram
Deputy Executive Director

Deviyani (Programmes Executive)
Joanne Sitorus (Head)
Horn Ray
Manu Magal
Ang Ke Xin
Hao Jing Soon
Udayakumar Priyadarshini
Tan Jiong Wen Zayden
Ng Shu Yun Maddie
En Jia


Rishab Sharma
Cassandra Ong
Matias Quintana
Hui Shan

Kelly Ong (Partnerships Manager)
Dineshram Sukumar (Dep. Head)
Benjamin Chan
Poon Yi Lin
Law Ee Jean

Michelle Leong (Head)

Claudia Ruth Selvakumar (Communications Associate)
Gabrielle Salamat
Jerraine Lin
Roshan Ganesh
Reyna Ong

Research & Impact
Jude Elliot (Head)
Choo Wai Keat
Lim Tian Jiao
Ian Ho
Jeremy Chin
Ng Kai Hui
Benjamin Chua