Our Programmes

Whether you are looking to give students a quick introduction to career exploration, or have them develop a deeper understanding of career planning and engage with mentors to support skills acquisition, our programmes are specially designed to cater to varying needs and commitment requirements.

Access Fellowship Programme (AFP)

In-depth Training for Tertiary Students

The Access Fellowship Programme is a six-month comprehensive initiative aimed at providing educational and professional opportunities to talented individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds - especially bursary students at Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore.


Introduction to and Exploration of Different Career Paths

In this single half-day programme, students are exposed to a diversity of career paths through sharings by various industry professionals. They are also educated on the importance of planning ahead and constructing possible career paths. This includes understanding the factors necessary to form decisions regarding their future careers.


As an optional follow-up to Pathways, students can also undergo Pathways+ where they will be given the opportunity to better understand their career anchors and the potential jobs that best suit their inclinations. They will be equipped with frameworks to research various industry roles, including the steps that need to be taken to reach their short and long-term goals.

Access Career Exploration (ACE!)

Case Challenge and Skills Development

Similar to a case competition format, participants will be presented with a Challenge Statement based on an assigned industry. They will be guided by mentors and facilitators over five sessions, and will collectively brainstorm and ideate innovative solutions to the Challenge Statement. At the end of the programme, teams will present their ideas to a panel of industry professionals who will provide feedback.


Career Guidance and Mentorship

Mentees will be teamed up with a mentor who will share their experiences, guide them in exploring different academic and career routes, and support their individual development. Over the course of the mentorship programme, which typically constitutes four sessions, mentors will engage in skills-honing and nurturing, and address the main themes of each session through structured objectives.