Access Social Mobility Summit 2024

The first of its kind in Singapore, the Access Social Mobility Summit on 5 April 2024 saw the attendance of 450 guests across the people, public and private sectors. Through panel discussions, an intimate fireside chat, and networking opportunities, the summit was an opportunity for attendees to deepen their understanding of social mobility and form meaningful collaborations to further positive change.


Mr Alvin Tan

Special Guests

Mr Chan Chun Sing
Minister for Education
Mr Alvin Tan
Minister of State for Trade and Industry and
Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth

Panel 1 - The State of Social Mobility in Singapore

The State of Social Mobility in Singapore provided a comprehensive overview of the current state of social mobility, drawing on data-driven analyses from leading academics and practitioners in the field. The session explored the extent to which individuals can move up the social and economic ladder over their lifetimes, considering factors such as education, occupation, and income. Speakers also examined the causes and consequences of social mobility, including the impact on economic growth and inequality.
Dr Tommie Chen
Head (Ecosystem), Research Division,
Institute for Adult Learning Singapore
Zhuo Gangwei
Director (Socio-Economic Policy & Policy Analytics),
Prime Minister's Office
Gerald Ang
Chief Executive Officer,
Milieu Insight
A/P Vincent Chua
Associate Professor, Department of
Sociology and Anthropology, NUS
Zuraidah Abdullah
Chief Executive Officer,

Panel 2 - The Business Case for Social Mobility

The Business Case for Social Mobility explored the ways in which promoting social mobility can benefit businesses of all sizes and sectors. Drawing on the perspectives of corporates with experiences in this area, the session highlighted the many advantages of having a diverse workforce, and topics included actionable strategies such as mentoring programmes and targeted recruitment, as well as exploring the broader community impact of social initiatives - underscoring the pivotal role businesses play in advancing societal progress.
Vincent Chin
Managing Director & Senior Partner, and
Asia Pacific Lead for Social Impact,
Boston Consulting Group
Christopher Ong
Senior Vice President and Managing Director,
DHL Express Singapore
Feon Ang
Managing Director,
Asia Pacific, LinkedIn
Keith Chua
Executive Chairman,
ABR Holdings Limited
Annabella Ng
Senior Director,
Global Public Affairs, SHEIN

Panel 3 - The Role of Philanthropy in Advancing Social Mobility

The Role of Philanthropy in Advancing Social Mobility explored the ways in which philanthropic organisations and individuals can contribute to promoting greater social mobility. Drawing on the perspectives of experienced philanthropists, the session highlighted the many opportunities and challenges facing those who seek to drive positive change in this area, including the need for effective partnerships and sustained investment.
Laurence Lien
Co-Founder and Founding Chief Executive Officer,
Asia Philanthropy Circle
Clement Lee
Deputy Chief Executive Officer,
Quantedge Foundation
Raman Sidhu
Chief Executive Officer,
Octava Foundation
Kate Shieh
Deputy Chief Executive Officer,
Tri-Sector Associates
Boon-Ngee Sebastian
Senior Director,
Temasek Foundation

Fireside Chat - Social Mobility and the Way Forward 

This thought-provoking fireside chat delved into the intricate dynamics of the education system as a catalyst for social mobility.

The discussion navigated the balance between meritocracy and social mobility, spotlighting the impact of intergenerational privilege and disadvantage. It also explored the evolution of education to embrace diverse definitions of success beyond the conventional “5Cs”, and assessed the resources available to empower financially, socially, and academically disadvantaged students.
Piyush Gupta
CEO, DBS Group
Chan Chun Sing
Minister for Education

Panel 3 - The Role of Philanthropy in Advancing Social Mobility

Audience Engagement Partner
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