It's all about providing Access

Opening doors to opportunities to our students and challenging their limits. As a youth-driven organisation, we are passionate in providing solutions to current problems.

Our Vision

Access aims to ensure that underserved students are not denied quality career exposure opportunities solely because of their school’s lack of strong alumni connections or funding as an independent school.

Our Mission

Access aims to bridge social mobility gaps by guiding character growth through soft skill workshops and connecting under-served students with industry mentors who will provide guidance and work attachment opportunities.

Why We Do What We Do

The workplace is foreign to most students.
There are students who can rely on familial contacts and established school programmes for career guidance and internship opportunities. However, such avenues are out of reach for many others – particularly those from more humble backgrounds and less well-established school.
As a result, students are less aware of alternative careers that may match the interests and strengths. This narrows their choices to traditional career paths. Therefore, many go to pursue fields they have little interest in, never to realise their passion and potential.
Here at Access, we believe that guidance and workplace exposure at an early stage is vital for students to expand their horizons, change their mindsets, and make more informed choices about their future.

Our 3 Pillars


Building career interests through exclusive workshops and office tours
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Develop career aspirations and self-esteem through short job shadowing or work attachment programmes
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Empowering students with mentorships for more insights and advice on career options and sustaining the pursuit of greater aspirations
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