Our 3 Pillars

Access Insights

Access Insights

Building career interests through exclusive workshops and office tours

Access Externships

Developing career aspirations and self-esteem through short job shadowing/work attachment programmes

Secondary School Student on Access Externships with SMRT
Access Mentorships

Access Mentorships

Empowering students with mentorships for more insights and advice on career options and sustaining the pursuit of greater aspirations

Impact Assessment

Career Maturity Inventory

To assess a student’s career choice readiness, to determine whether programme helped them better understand the different career paths available

Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale

To assess a student’s global self-worth, to determine whether programme has enabled them to develop a more positive self worth

New General Self-Efficacy Scale

To assess the extent to which a student believes he can achieve their goals despite the obstacles, to determine whether programme has inspired them to (continue to) dream

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