We Write Our Rules

#WeWriteOurRules (#WWOR) was started to share unconventional life journeys and definitions of success, as we found that many individuals perceive success as being too difficult to achieve in Singapore. There seems to be a common perception that success is too difficult to achieve; only an exceptional few can do so.

While we continue to deliberate over what success looks like in Singapore, the campaign sought out 25 individuals who were not subscribing to stereotypical definitions of success. Instead, they are today writing their own rules with their unorthodox education and career journeys.

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From personal trainers to pet sitters, chefs and actors, their inspiring stories were first captured on our Instagram Page and now in a newly launched e-booklet.

There are many more stories to be uncovered, but in the meantime, may this first edition of #WeWriteOurRules inspire meaningful conversations across generations and encourage everyone to write their own rules of success.

How are you writing your own rules? Share with us your story below!

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#WeWriteOurRules: Redefining Success Dialogue

Fri, 18 Nov 2022
7pm - 9.30pm
National Gallery Singapore, Supreme Court Terrace L4M

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